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Terms of Use
Terms of Use 

By adding my CVs to the database, I agree to the following terms and conditions, and confirm that:   


1. The information presented in my CVs is correct and factual and does not contain false information about my previous work experience, education, or other skills.  If clients of OÜ CVOK or OÜ CVOK are damaged by any false information that is presented, I am totally liable. If OÜ CVOK finds that my CVs, which I input into the database, contains false information or does not correspond to generally accepted standards of morality and ethics, OÜ CVOK has the right to remove my CVs from the database website.   


2. I have the right to add up to five of my CVs (in each of three languages) to the electronic database on the website.


3. I agree that OÜ CVOK has the right to store, use and remove my CVs that I have input into the electronic database, that my CVs are available to third parties who use the personnel search of the


 4. I agree that if my CVs are public on website, it can be read and used by all users of OÜ CVOK is not obligated to ensure the confidentiality of the information presented in my CVs. As a registered user, I have the right to view my information, to make changes, and to amend the information in my CVs, which are located in the database, and I also have the right to decide whether my CVs are available to clients. I also have the right to disclose by CVs without my first or family name.


5. I agree that my CVs may be stored on the OÜ CVOK website for one year, if I do not wish to remove them earlier. If I have not used my CVs, or edited them, and I have not visited the website using my user name, OÜ CVOK has the right to remove my CVs and my account, by informing me in advance by e-mail.


6. I confirm that by adding my CVs to the website database, I do not acquire any intellectual property rights in respect to the database of the website.


7. I agree that OÜ CVOK is not a representative or authorized person of the clients that use the website to search for personnel in any case and the website is not responsible for any damages caused to me that may develop during the course of the job search on the website. As if I conclude any agreements with the client without the brokering of OÜ CVOK, OÜ CVOK bears no responsibility if the client does not fulfill the conditions of the agreement or has made some promises to me. 


8. I agree that OÜ CVOK has not responsibilities to guarantee my a job, does not guarantee any job offers, or my getting a desired job.

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