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For Job Seekers       


To make job seeking effective, our website offers the following opportunities: register on the website, publish your CV (5 resumes in three languages), search the job database, search agent (JobAgent).


Registering on the website

To register as a job seeker on the website and to publish your CV, you have to fill out a short form. Once you are registered, you will get an account on the website, where all your information will be gathered: your CVs, job offers that arrive, your search agents, etc. As a user, the e-mail address that you provide upon registration will be used.  


Inputting your CV

Most employers prefer to search for potential employees from the CV database, and not to publish want ads. To publish your CV, you must just fill out the form provided on the website. Website enables up to 5 resumes to be published in three languages (Estonian, Russian, and English).


If some information in the CV needs to be changed, it need not be reentered. Just click on “Edit” and thereafter edit the title and amend the information.


The contact information in the resume may be made confidential, by check the box “Confidential”. In this case no one besides you can see your name, address or photo, but your resume will be on the website, and potential employees can send you job offers using a special form.


By making checking off “Hide CV”, you can make anything on your resume confidential. Such a resume is visible only to you and is not located in the general website database. This possibility can be used if you have temporarily discontinued your job search or are searching for a job only though the job offer search. Although your resume is confidential, you can still send it to those making interesting job offers.  


Job offer search 

Using the account “Job Search”, you can initiate a job search from any page. Once you have decided on the position or specialty you would like to work in, enter this name into the “By Keyword” search window and click on “OK”. This will provide the best result. Do not limit yourself to only one category in your search, because employers cannot always very exactly define the category of job offer.

Also, it is possible to search for jobs based on three main criteria—company name, job category, and position. When you have found an interesting job offer, choose one of the CVs you have input earlier onto website (if there are more than one) to send to the employer, click on “Send CV” and your CV is sent to the potential employer.


Search agent (JobAgent)

The search agent (JobAgent) is a special website service, which analyzes the job offers that are input everyday and if offers are found that correspond to your search criteria, you are notified of the job by e-mail.


There are different ways of creating a JobAgent. Once you have chosen the position or specialty where you would like to work, enter this name into the search window by keyword and click on “Ready”.  You can also use several criteria to make a choice among the offers for the corresponding position. In order to simultaneously choose several positions from the list, hold down “Ctrl”. 


By doing so, you can always be sure that when a notice of job offer arrives, you will be informed immediately by e-mail, without having to constantly log onto website


To Employers


The following possibilities exist for finding employees: inputting your job postings onto the website, CV speed search, and choice of suitable resumes.  


Registering on the website

When registering on website, you must choose between three service packages. You can make payment directly to website through your bank, or be invoiced for payment. The service will be activated after payment has been received on the bank account OÜ CVOK (within 24 hours).


Once you have registered on website, you will get your own account, where information on available jobs, information on the company, and the logo is stored. This increased the probability of finding all the available jobs and is convenient for choosing potential employees.


Candidate search

In order to find a suitable candidate, you need not review all the CVs in the database. You need only send an inquiry to the CV Search (indicating the position, specialty, and other criteria) and the search system will check all the resumes in all the categories and present only those that might be of interest to you.


You do not need to keep the applications for the available jobs in a separate file in order to send them e-mails. If you have found an interesting resume, website allows you to offer the job to the candidate you are interested in with one click, which is located at the bottom of the candidate’s CV.


In the case of an active search for employees, it is possible to preselect the resumes for the most suitable candidates, whose CV are stored on your personal account for as long as you need them.


Top 10 Employers will automatically display the names of the companies that have the most available jobs on the website.  


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