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Recruitment Services 

CVOK OÜ provides effective recruitment services for your company.


Our qualified and experienced consultants will help you to find the best staff for your company with CV Filtering, Personnel Selection, and Personnel Search Service.  When selecting personnel, our specialists exactly follow all job-related criteria and guarantee that you will be presented candidates that meet all requirements of your company.



CV Filtering

Job Posting , assessment of candidates CV  according to client’s requirement


Service Description

• Posting  the Job at CVOK website.

• As agreed with the customer, CV filtering takes place once a week or after Job Posting expires.

• At evaluation process our expert comments each CV and allocates all CVs at 3 groups (Yes, Possible, No). So you will be able to see how many CVs are in each group, how expert estimates them and his opinion about each candidate .

Our consultant recommends to the customer 5-7 the best candidates, that meet all requirements of the Job


Duration          2 - 4 Weeks


Price               199.- EUR



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Personnel Selection

Publication of a vacancy announcement, evaluation received CVs, telephone interviews with candidates. (At the request of the customer, also  evaluation  the candidates on the results of their completed assignments - tests, the resolution of the proposed situation, essays)


Service Description

• Posting  the Job at CVOK website.

• Evaluation of candidates and their distribution into three groups (Yes, Maybe, No).

• Specialist’s opinion.

• Preliminary selection of candidates based on telephone interviews.

• At the request of the customer also selection of the candidates based on essay, written test or resolution of the proposed situation).

• Based on results of telephone interviews will be presented 3 to 8 candidates that meet the customer's requirements. Performed tasks, professional opinion and comments will be also provided to the customer.

• Letters of rejection will be sent to the applicants who did not match the Job.


Duration          2 - 4 Weeks


Price               290.- EUR 



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Personnel Search Services

This package contains the full range of personnel search services - from Job posting to presentation to the customer the best candidates.


Service Description

• Posting  the Job.

• CV evaluation.

• Interviews with candidates (phone interviews and individual interviews), at the request of the customer - testing and other tasks for candidates to test their professional level.

• 3 to 5 candidates that passed phone interview, the interview with our specialist and testing will be presented to the customer.

• Successful candidates CVs will be presented to the customer with expert’s opinion and performed tests of the candidates.

• 4-month warranty. If within 4 first months recommended candidate will show poor performance, we replace him/her for free.


Duration        2,5 - 4 Weeks


Price              1 month salary of the employee


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Teenuse kohta lisainformatsiooni saamiseks palun võtke ühendust või tel. (+372) 55636610.


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